Tattling Vs. Reporting Worksheet (free printable)

This freebie download will help your students learn to tell the difference between tattling and reporting.

Students learn that they tattle to get others in trouble, but they report to get people out of trouble.

T Vs. R

Free download here (Answer Key): Tattling vs. Reporting Thank You

Free download here (Worksheet): Tattling Vs. Reporting

Worksheet with scenarios and kids need to figure out if it is reporting or tattling:

Am I Tattling or Reporting?

Tattling is when I get someone in trouble.

Reporting is when I get someone out of trouble.

Answer Key


Michael keeps making faces at me.

Mr. Cobb, Jason isn’t getting in line.

Jerome is drawing in his notebook when he’s supposed to be doing his math.

Ms. Long, Devin isn’t reading the right story.

Meghan isn’t walking on the right sight of the hallway, Mrs. Jones!


Heather scratched me when I didn’t do what she said.

During recess, Callie pushed Dana down on purpose.

Brandon picks on Kayla everyday during lunch.

Some boys are bullying Joshua in the bathroom.

Cooper said he’s going to punch Conner after school.

Incorporate into This Lesson The THINK before You Speak 

Such wise advice….for kids and adults alike! 
Free Printable Poster to Laminate and keep on your fridge: 61772754-Before-You-Speak-Think

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