Beyond Anger Management: What’s Behind the Mask?

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“Angry” students, especially at the middle school level, are often referred to the school counselor. School counselors usually teach children and adolescents who are angry ways to manage their anger. These tips and techniques are great for the short term and even in the moment, but they do not always address the real reason behind the student’s anger.

Angry_Frustrated Masks by M. WilbournIn my previous school I ran many anger-management groups. What I discovered is that many students used anger to mask other emotions. It was easier to say they felt mad than to admit feeling hurt, abandoned, disappointed, lonely, or betrayed. I realized that many other issues were going on for my students who displayed anger. I dug deeper to determine what other issues they were dealing with behind their angry mask.

What’s Behind the Mask?
I have done mask activities in a variety of groups. I find this activity particularly interesting and…

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