Behavior and Reward Chart

Chore/Daily/Behavior/Reward Chart

Items needed: 2 Poster Board, Markers, Velcro, Scissors,
Stickers or fun clipped pictures, Ruler, Clothespin or Clip.


Reward Chart



Reward Chart:

Velcro Chore/Daily Chart: Child gets to put a blue *reusable* sticker for every task he completes/goal accomplishes. He gets a red sticker at the bottom for every day he does them all. At the end of the week-you can either chose the size of the reward based on how many red stickers they have. OR have a “treasure chest” with goodies (squirt guns, tattoos, matchbox cars, etc.) and he only gets to pick something on Sunday IF they get all of the red stickers for the week. <—You can be pretty lenient with some things depending on their age and circumstances!


Behavior Chart:

Behavior Chart: Involve your child in deciding which consequences are best for each level of misbehavior. Choose a Behavior You want to Curb. Every AM Child starts at the top. Move down in sequence. If behavior is corrected after the first time of being asked/reprimanded – take child out of the warning spot after 5 min. (if using Reward Chart too the child can still have a chance to earn a blue sticker if he corrects behavior) This can go with Reward Chart (see my other post)


Once These Chore/Behavior/Reward Charts Above become to simple and your kids begin to manipulate them - Here are Updated versions for “older” kids

Updated Chore/Daily/Behavior/Reward Charts:

awesome = exceptional behavior for the day OR a big act of kindness, receives a treat.
good job = good behavior/average behavior, this is where his “A” starts every day.
calm down = beginning of a fit, i.e. tense, showing aggression, etc.,
equivalent to a warning. if he is in this stage, he has the option of reading a book,
laying down on the couch until he’s calm, or telling a funny joke.
Sometimes I just tell him to laugh…and he does. That one always gets him! 😉
(The goal is to try to stop this fit before it gets out of control.)
in trouble = blatant disregard for the rules or full-on fit throwing, refusing to calm down. He gets something taken away for the day, i.e. TV, LeapPad, favorite Nerf gun.
all done today = at this point, he’s gotten “in trouble” more than three times and
must go to bed anywhere from 1-2 hours early, absolutely NO tv, video games, etc.
for rest of the day.

behavior chart

Manners Chart (You could also use Flash Cards instead of a Poster)

Make a chart of manners and recite them at the beginning of each day.


Behavior/Daily Chart:

Use the same velcro stickers & chart as before, just put new strips of paper for the new tasks.
Changes made: Specific morning and nighttime tasks, a broader range of what he needs to be pick up, rules about food & water (we’ve been having a hard time with finishing dinner, I drew PEOPLE and a cat in the “be kind” section.

daily chart

daily door

Located in the kitchen. Daily chart is eye level for him.
He is not allowed to touch any chart other than his daily chart.

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