In my heart…

Printable Healing Heart Activity for children. Great for attachment, adjustment, grief and loss, and child to tap into some inner peace

Art of Social Work


I invite you to just take a moment and focus your attention on your heart center in your body. Imagine all of the people, pets, memories, and other significant things resting here. They are being carried with you during your days, helping to make you who you are. Just thinking and being reminded of this can help calm us and help us make decisions according to what matters most to us. Just like adults, children have strong emotional connections and love for people, pets, and memories too, and helping children identify what and who is in their heart can be very significant. I often help children identify this then discuss how they can always think about their hearts and what is important to them to help them feel happy and safe anywhere they go. This can help children tap into an inner peace despite the outward chaos they often endure.

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