Chore Chart and Reward Coupons

Putting on Chore

Promote Responsibility &  get your kids involved in helping around the house by hanging a CHORE CHART!

Also- Get a REWARD SYSTEM in place.

Make sure you give children who are young  chores that they are capable of doing on their own. For example, they may be asked to set the table, clean their room, or make their bed. Do NOT put too much pressure on them to finish their chores because you want them to learn to be responsible. Instead try using positive reinforcement with PRAISE and a REWARD SYSTEM.

Chore chart 1 Chore chart 2

You can purchase this wooden, magnetic chore chart. It has a variety of magnetic rectangles with a certain chore written and pictured on it. In addition to the chores there are magnets to help improve behaviors like “Say Please and Thank You.” The chart also includes circle smiley faces with words of encouragement like “You did it!” There are two blank ones that you can write on, too. You could also make some of your own chore magnets to add to the collection.

DSCN3759[1] Chore chart 3

The actual chart is meant for one child, but it has enough space and chore magnets to work for more. You can assign fewer or more chores for your children. You can change out the chores each week. Let them choose at least one that they want to do for that week. Once they complete a chore they can add a smiley magnet for that day.

It is okay to have busy days when a couple or all the chores are left undone. Again, don’t stress over it. They can always do extra chores to “make-up” missed ones. You might want to take Sundays off from chores.

If Your child helps mom or dad with work you could knock off a chore for the following day to show our appreciation.

Kid's Reward Printable with watermark Kid's Rewards Part 2

These are reward coupons that the children can work towards earning at the end of the week. Just download and print!

Reward Coupon 1 (word document printable): KidsRewardPrintablePart1
Reward Coupon 2 (word document printable): KidsRewardsPart2

Reward coupons, allowances, special treats, or doing something fun on the weekend are different ways that we reward children and encourage them to do their weekly chores. How do you encourage your own children to complete their chores?

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