DBT Diary- Mindfulness of current emotion

Michelle Morgan Mixed Media Art

Mindfulness of current emotion comes from emotional regulation, the same module of skills as P.L.E.A.S.E and  Build Mastery.

'Ride the wave' DBT Diary Art journal by Michelle Morgan ‘Ride the wave’ DBT Diary Art journal by Michelle Morgan

To buy this image as an A4 archival quality art print direct from the artist, please click here.

DBT Skill: Mindfulness of current emotion.

When emotions are overwhelming, it can feel like a wave crashing over us, Leaving us unable to call for help, gain composure and control.

Being aware or mindful of our current emotion, rather than letting our minds wander with it, can help us to stay in control and learn to love our emotions.

Experiencing your emotion as a wave helps: even at the highest peak we know our emotions will come down to a safe level again.

I created this journal page with the saying “Ride the wave”, showing how once we learn to take emotions in our stride and…

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