Pediatric RAM Nasal Cannula

I have had some questions regarding the RAM nasal cannula in the PICU and why we are using it. I contacted the company and this is what I found…
-It has a unique 15mm adaptor on the cannula so we are able to “plug it in” to the CPAP machine whereas other cannulas don’t have this so we are not able to hook it up to anything other than the wall or the high flow
– It has wider bore tubing and wider bore nasal prongs so it is able to tolerate the higher flows and higher pressure
-The current sizes are only rated to be used on kids up to age one. However, next year they will be trialing their pediatric sizes and these will work on kids up to the age of 18
-This is, currently, the only way to deliver CPAP without a mask
PDF from the Company that does a great job explaining:

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