Medical Equipment brought in from Home (to hospital) Policy @ HCMC

Medical equipment brought in by patients from home will be evaluated for therapeutic use, electrical safety and cleanliness.
Continued use of patient supplied medical equipment requires an order by the patient’s
For CPAP, non-invasive BiPAP, or home ventilators, the patient’s nurse, upon admission to 2.
the patient care unit, is to call the Respiratory Therapy Department to evaluate the patient’s
If the Respiratory Therapist determines that the patient owned device is functional and clean, the Therapist will call the Bioelectronics Department to perform an electrical safety test. If it does not meet these requirements, the device will be replaced with hospital –owned equipment.
For any other electrical, patient supplied medical device, Bioelectronics Department is to be 
contacted for safety testing before being put into use.
For more details, please see info on call policies

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