HCMC Smoking Policy for Adult Patient Hospital

Effective Date: 10/28/2014
Patient Education and Support for Smoking Cessation during Hospital Stay
TIP Sheet for Inpatient Nursing
·         On patient admission, identify patient smoking including how much .
they smoke per day.
·         MD to order Nicotine replacement orders in EPIC 2.
·         MD to educate patient why they should not smoke during 3.
·         If patient insists on going out to smoke: 
o   RN assess patient to ensure patient is safe to be off unit alone. 
o   Patient to tell RN he/she is leaving unit and to what location, as well as 
notify RN when he/she returns.
o   If a patient still chooses to leave the unit, they need to return within 30 minutes. The patient will check out at the nurses’ station when they leave and return. The nurse will disconnect any IV’s or other equipment, and will document the time the patient left and returned as a Progress Note within Epic.
o   RN to document note in Epic time patient leaves unit and returns. ·
o   If patient continues to leave the unit, MD to evaluate readiness for 5.
patient to be discharge.
What if a hospitalized patient insists on going outside to smoke? 

Patients are screened for tobacco use on admission and offered nicotine replacement therapy and other resources. We know we have patients who will insist on going outside to smoke and if not on a legal hold, they have the right to go outside. Upon admission, the nursing and medical staff will talk with patients who smoke about the importance of not smoking while they are in the hospital receiving care. See the Patient Education and Support for Smoking Cessation during Hospital Stay for more information. Please note that these guidelines are not part of the Therapeutic Patient Pass Policy; this policy is not intended to allow patients to go outside and smoke.
Staff who encounter hospitalized patients smoking outside are encouraged to remind them that smoking is not allowed anywhere on

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